By combining charitable giving with social media outlets and an interactive e-commerce platform, Teens for Tomorrow (“TFT”) consists of a global community that revolves around the notion of giving. TFT encourages teenagers of today to become the givers of tomorrow. It provides a way for teenagers to learn how to give back        – on local and global levels.

TFT also provides strong marketing, management, general business, and philanthropic experience to high school students preparing to apply to colleges and seeking to obtain exceptional leadership skills. TFT is a platform that links manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and businesses of all sorts that have obsolete or overstocked inventory, or “slightly second” supplies and equipment (“Inventory”) with charitable causes around the world.

A major issue today, for small businesses and large corporations, is how to deal with excess inventory. TFT is a service which gears toward helping those businesses dispose of the excess inventory in a way that benefits not only the company disposing the inventory, but also the charities that receive the inventory. As businesses gain space for new inventory and reduce operational costs of holding obsolete supplies, they also become eligible to receive favorable tax treatment. TFT administers great service to charities by matching their needs with businesses that are in a position to donate. It is often a struggle for charities to obtain quality donations consisting of items that are useful to their specific recipients. Furthermore, TFT has designed a new campaign to directly finance homes and shelters.


The new campaign revolves around charitable fundraising. With the help of Food For The Poor, the third largest international relief charity in the world, TFT is able to raise money to fund different causes around the world. The charitable fundraising movement is operated through Food For The Poor’s donation website Champions Of The Poor. Champions Of The Poor allows TFT to donate 100% of the proceeds it receives directly to charity. TFT selects deserving causes around the world and raises money for these causes. Beyond helping charities and businesses that agree to make donations, this non-profit also provides a great opportunity for people around the world.

TFT presents students with leadership experience that they will need to succeed in the real world. This experience allows students to become tech savvy and philanthropic, and learn great communication skills. TFT is a phenomenal outlet for many different stakeholder groups.